Information Security Research & Development

Over 30 Years of Innovation in Data Security and Technology Advisory

What Is Informatica?

Since its inception in Toronto, Canada in 1989, Informatica Corporation has innovated in IT management, secure systems development, technology tools and security hardening, making our team the perfect partner for companies looking to develop technologies that are both secure and compliant with applicable privacy regulations. Why partner with Informatica for all your security projects?

Strategic Consulting

A dedicated Risk Advisor™ plans, manages and executes on advisory, research and compliance objectives that apply to people, process and technology. Ask them anything!

Audit Consulting

Informatica's secure development and risk assessments for new technologies start with secure access to the Verify Audit Portal™ for easy legislative and industry standards compliance.

Earn Credibility

Informatica clients such as VCs, investors and anyone looking to bring new technology to market receive year-round access to certified expertise, live support and representation facilitated by their Risk Advisor™.